Does your business have the technology it needs to succeed?

Technology has had a transformational impact on the way we work and communicate in business. Not so long ago, we were keeping records on paper, and now, our modern workplace is almost unrecognisable to this.

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The reimaging of business in the digital age is called digital transformation. A Tech Pro research survey found that 70% of companies either have a digital transformation strategy in place or are working on one. If you fail to do to do this, it just isn’t sustainable to be able to move forward with the times. You must think and strategically plan how new technologies can be used to solve all your business woes.

Arguably one of the best outcomes of digital transformation in the business world is a huge increase in productivity. For example by allowing us to complete tasks in moments that would have historically taken days. This outcome is especially true when linked with the development in cloud computing, as business efficiencies and cost effectiveness have been improved.

Virtual resources in the form of a ‘virtual’ CIO (vCIO) or IT Director (vITD) are one cloud solution that can be hugely beneficial if factored into a digital transformation strategy. Both can work in many different ways, depending on what your organisation specifically requires them for. Largely, they will sit with the board of directors, assisting in making strategic decisions when it comes to the IT strategy of the business.

Strategic planning and decision making is a tool that is useful for businesses in all industries by helping to guide day-to-day decisions as well as evaluating progress and changing approaches. It is essential for creating a sense of direction.

The timescale in which a vCIO and vITD works will also be dependent on your business needs, however, they generally range from 6 months to 2 years in length. Some of the common reasons businesses seek to use a ‘virtual’ CIO or IT Director are:

  • If they know they need help but can’t afford to fork out the high costs that come with hiring a permanent IT Director.
  • If they are struggling to recruit someone for a permanent role.
  • If they are planning a big project and need someone to deliver, manage time, cost and quality of reporting.
  • If they need help restructuring their IT team to support the business and its overall strategy.
  • If they have a current member of staff that doesn’t yet have the skills to be an IT Director but could, with the right mentoring.

entrustIT have several consultants that can perform the role of a vCIO and vITD for your business. As a cloud provider with over 10 years of pure cloud experience, why go anywhere else for your virtual resources?

Digital transformation is imperative for all businesses in the digital age, from small businesses to large corporate enterprises. As it looks different for every company, it can be easy to get lost in. If you’re struggling to find the right experience and expertise in-house, why not get in touch with entrustIT to see how we can help assist you in this area?

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