Cyber-Security Attack 2022

Biggest Cyber Attacks of 2022

Data breaches have been on the rise for several years, and sadly 2022 has been littered with thefts of sensitive information. Following the spike in cybercrime brought on by the pandemic, 2022 has had companies of all shapes, sizes, and sectors losing millions to these faceless attackers. So what are some of the biggest attacks this year and how can you make sure your business stays cyber-safe?

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The Cost Of Downtime

The Real Cost of IT Downtime

"IT issues should not feature in your day. Technology should just work. If we do our job right we will be almost invisible... we strive for invisibility", this quote from our CEO and Founder Jeff Dodd comes from years of experience working with a number of businesses all of which wanted the same thing, their IT to just work. IT downtime will incur large costs, reduce productivity, lowered reputation and the potential loss of important data.

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