Protecting your School's Network Manager from Stress and Burnout

Originally posted on 26 June 2017

In my recent blog, Why Every Independent School needs a Super-Hero, I talked about the wide ranging variety of roles that we expect our network managers to fulfil, from support provider and trainer, right through to network architect, project manager, cyber security expert and much more besides. 

At this time of year, when for many of us our thoughts are beginning to turn to a welcome break from work, let's spare a thought for our network managers who are often planning for one of their busiest periods in the school year – the summer holidays.  

Whilst we are enjoying the sunshine, many of them will be immersed in technically complex projects to upgrade the school’s network infrastructure. Now don't get me wrong, for many network managers, this is an exciting period of the year when they get to experience new technology and increase their technical skill set.  However, it is important that all of us get a break from time to time, and as employers we all have a duty of care towards our staff to ensure that that is the case.

So, if not during the summer holidays, then when will your network manager get a break this year?  This can be a tricky challenge, since once the summer holiday projects are complete, and school is back in full swing, we need our network managers to be in school more than ever, to provide support, hand holding and training, especially during that back-to-school phase, when invariably passwords will have been forgotten, there will be large numbers of new pupils, some new staff and  some snagging issues from the holiday upgrade projects.  As a result, I see many network managers who become overloaded, and in some cases this can even lead to serious health issues.

One answer can be to partner with an experienced schools ICT provider, who can provide a flexible holiday cover support contract for your network manager, giving network managers the time and uninterrupted rest they need to recharge their batteries, whilst giving schools the reassurance that their ICT systems are still safely supported.  Such contracts can also provide a useful backstop for the network manager at other times, by providing them with extra resources and skills to call upon during what could otherwise be stressful situations, such as getting to the bottom of a particularly thorny problem, or providing day-to-day support when they are tied up on project work.

So while you are relaxing by the pool this summer, do spare a thought for our hardworking network managers.  

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