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As a designer, you will know that constant evolution is crucial for survival, you cannot be using the same designs year in year out. So why would you forget about updating the system your business runs on? Technology is changing rapidly and it will continue to do so at an ever-faster pace, taking advantage of new advancements is key.

Computing has come a long way since the internet took off in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. Today every business is online in some form but now this is going a step further as business look at ways to advance the use of technology to improve their products and services. The cloud has filled the gap and quietly revolutionised the way organisations operate and how people work.

Many services today would be impossible without cloud technology and it has created many new market segments, think Uber or Air BNB. These businesses have taken advantage of the advancements in technology and have been extremely successful as a result.


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Is your IT system still fit for purpose? How about for the next 5 years?

Maintaining an IT infrastructure that meets the changing needs of your business is incredibly important however, running your own in house IT is extremely expensive and can no longer meet the expectations of the latest generation of workers.

The way we work is changing towards hypermobility “Gone are the days of rigid schedules where workers are fixed to computer terminals between the hours of 9am and 5pm,” says Ryan Asdourian, senior director at Microsoft.

However, flexible working from any location relies upon good communication links to work effectively, preferably ensuring any solution has instant messaging capabilities along with email. These multiple communication channels are crucial to ensure everyone feels in the loop no matter whether they happen to be at home, on a train, visiting a client or indeed in the office.

This all sounds great but flexible working is impossible with high performance software like the Adobe Suite or a 3d CAD program? Wrong. Technology has caught up with the design world by using cloud hosting. Now even programs that produce large files and require high performance graphics are on the cloud. Laptops or mobile devices that do not even come close to the requirements to run the software are now able to as all that is necessary is an internet connection.

That is great but is it secure?

Mobility is not the only advantage designers are making use of; security in the cloud has become a huge draw especially in the age of GDPR. Does your organisation do regular backups? Would it be prepared if files are destroyed in a cyber-attack or locked by ransomware?

In these scenarios, 3D Design Desktop really comes into its own, as the files and programs are stored within the environment the data has never actually left the servers in the data centres. Backups in the cloud are automatically completed by an experienced team which makes a huge difference as it means your data has the highest level of protection at all times.

Cloud IT is the new industry standard for security as files are not kept on the device but in the cloud your data is always secure even if your hardware is destroyed or stolen.

Many businesses fail to plan this far ahead but this is a very important step. It is crucial to ensure that the IT infrastructure you use can respond to issues this quickly and efficiently.


Is a 3D Design Desktop expensive?

For years, keeping up with the latest technology was extremely costly for small to medium enterprises to the point where the benefits were not worth the investment. The cloud has flipped this completely; a 3D Design Desktop solution can work out to be 66% of the cost of traditional IT over three years.

With disaster recovery, higher levels of security, GDPR compliance, access to the desktop from anywhere in the world all combined with lower average costs you can see why so many business have made the move.

So it’s really no surprise that Cloud computing has now become the norm with 80% of businesses using the cloud in some form and with ever more creative uses for the cloud it won’t be long before all business can utilise it to reach their business goals.

 What do we offer?

For over 12 years, entrustIT have provided cloud services and with the 3D Design Desktop specifically developed with designers and architects in mind, we can tailor the perfect solution for your business. Scale up and down monthly so you only pay for what you need.

Cloud technology finally allows any laptop, tablet or mobile device to perform anywhere you wish it to through the internet at the same speed as your high-end desktops that sit in the office.

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Download The 3D Design Desktop White Paper

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