Why it's Time to Upgrade Your Legacy CCTV

In the UK a burglary takes place every 106 seconds, despite this, metropolitan data has shown that a worryingly high 95% of burglaries go unsolved, meaning the majority of these criminals will get away with their actions.

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Despite CCTV being one of the most effective deterrents, many businesses still haven’t taken the time to upgrade their outdated legacy cameras to a more modern solution. This may be because upgrading CCTV had traditionally been an expensive security venture only available to businesses and private individuals with deeper pockets. These upgrades had also been tricky to implement, requiring a significant amount of on-site backup infrastructure in order to store all of the recordings. However, the introduction of cloud CCTV has made CCTV cheaper and, in turn, more accessible. Benefits such as high-quality video, live notifications and remote access to recordings and live feeds are fast becoming the standard.

Businesses still using these outdated legacy cameras expect an unreliable, blurry, and significantly less secure CCTV experience. Not only this but most businesses have expensive hardware on-site, as well as important business and even customer data. Loss of any of this data could be extremely damaging to company reputation and put a halt to business operations whilst you attempt to recover from the robbery.

Why Cloud CCTV

The entrust IT Group has over 10 years of experience putting CCTV solutions in place. Throughout this time, we’ve learnt the main problem businesses have with ‘traditional’ legacy CCTV systems was that the recordings could only be viewed from a DVR. This meant that if you wanted to view saved recordings you would either have to be on-site or go through a fiddly VPN before being granted access to your own footage, this made having CCTV only useful for catching criminals after they have robbed your business of its valuable items. On the other hand, Cloud CCTV allows you to view a live feed of your premises wherever you are. Giving business owners peace of mind when no one is in the office, which is more common than now than ever due to the remote worker boom brought on by the pandemic.

Not only is it more streamlined, but because all of your data is stored in the cloud, there is no need for a complex and expensive local storage and monitoring infrastructure, and since you pay on a monthly subscription basis, there are very limited overhead costs.

Using Legacy Cameras? Here's Why it's Time to Upgrade

Understandably business owners may be wary about upgrading their CCTV system, but a quote by Jordan Rivchun, the leader at retail solutions & strategy states that “Video surveillance is no longer ‘nice to have’ It’s an essential tool for all businesses,” and with the rate of robberies in the UK reaching all-time highs reliable CCTV is now a must-have. Business without it will become a prime target making them not only less secure, but also more enticing to criminals.

Here are some of the features legacy users are missing out on (not all features apply to every camera type):

  • Remote access to recordings and live video feed
  • Clear Video and Audio (makes convicting potential criminals much easier)
  • Live notifications (movement, cameras offline, etc)
  • IP cameras can be synced with access control to record whenever someone has entered a building, room, or virtual zone
  • Sync camera with intruder alarm
  • Ability to track specific people across multiple cameras (making it easier to convict a chosen subject)

By not upgrading your CCTV system, you are missing out on these cutting-edge features. In turn, this limits how proactive your security measures are, potentially putting building occupants and valuable assets at risk.

We make Deployment Easy

Many people feel their business would benefit from the implementation of Cloud CCTV but don’t know where to start. When you partner with entrust IT, we can handle the entire installation process of your Cloud CCTV Camera Systems. We offer a range of installation and maintenance services to make the implementation process as easy as possible, these include:

  • Site Evaluation and system design to accommodate your specific needs
  • Installation of cabling for power, network connection, and other components
  • System configuration
  • Installation of IP camera hardware and software
  • Ongoing system Maintenance
  • Technical Support
  • Seamless integration with your existing network

How Cloud CCTV Works With entrust IT

Once partnered with entrust IT the implementation process is extremally simple:

  1. Purchase a camera (we can provide advice on what cameras to buy for what environments you want the camera to be in) and choose your preferred subscription
  2. Simply connect your chosen camera to the internet
  3. We then record, manage, and retain your video based on the subscription you’ve chosen (
  4. We then keep you updated with alerts based on your preferences and chosen features (lost connection, motion, timeframes, etc)
  5. You can then easily access your camera or saved video via your web browser or smartphone 

Want to learn more?

If you are interested in learning a little more about Cloud CCTV, visit the entrustIT Cloud CCTV page. We have a number of excellent resources to keep you informed.

If you were to partner with the entrust IT team, we would handle the entire implementation process for you. We can either make a recommendation of cameras for you to purchase or we can procure them for you. Our engineers will visit your site to conduct a survey and plan where to best place the cameras. We will also conduct a network assessment to decipher if your internet connection may cause you problems down the line and then we will install your cameras for you and ensure they are working correctly.

CCTV is the biggest deterrent to potential criminals and these days legacy cameras just aren’t enough. Blurry video, no audio, tedious implementation, and a lack of features are what can be expected if you don’t look at upgrading your video security. If you feel ready to improve your business's video security or just want to learn more, please do not hesitate to get in contact on 0330 002 0045 or email enquiries@entrustit.co.uk to be put in contact with one of our experienced consultants.

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