New Year, New Support - Your IT Support Review Guide

Did you know that the average employee spends 22 minutes a day dealing with IT-related Issues? Do you have 100 employees? That’s 42 hours a day, 210 hours a week and around 840 hours a month wasted. Throughout our 17 years of experience, we’ve heard one thing the most, people just want their IT to work, a simple request, that most businesses are still striving for.

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As we near 2024 there is no better time to review your IT support, this blog serves as your comprehensive guide, highlighting the most common problems you may be facing with your IT and the solutions that can guarantee IT-related pains are a thing of the past.

Are You Facing Any of These Common Issues

“Technology is going to be front and centre for small business owners in 2024, according to 78% of survey respondents who said technology would be a top investment.” - A Forbes Survey Filled out by small business owners

  1. Unjustified Price Increases:

In the dynamic landscape of technology, costs should align with value. However, sticking with the status quo often leads to unjustified price hikes. A routine review ensures your investment reflects the evolving market and, more importantly, your business needs.

  1. Reactive not Proactive Support:

As time passes, it's not uncommon for support services to shift from proactive problem-solving to reactive fire-fighting. A proactive approach anticipates and mitigates issues before they disrupt operations. If your current support is more about crisis response than prevention, it might be time for a change.

  1. Less Personal, More Transactional:

Personal relationships matter, especially when it comes to your IT support. Over time, the once-personalized service can devolve into a transactional arrangement, leaving you feeling like just another ticket. A review enables you to seek partners who prioritize a personal touch, understanding your business intricacies.

  1. Small Problems, Large Disruptions:

Simple issues shouldn't escalate into business-disrupting crises. If you find that minor glitches snowball into major disruptions, it's a sign your support may not be equipped to handle challenges efficiently. A fresh perspective could bring streamlined solutions and a smoother operational experience.

In the fast-paced realm of technology, stagnation is a silent adversary. Embrace change, evaluate your support, and ensure that as you step into the new year, your IT foundation is poised for growth, not limitations.


Our Process, Refined Across 17 Years

The entrust IT group have over 17 years of experience, working with a number of businesses small and large. Throughout this time we have refined our support process to offer the most proactive, reliable and personalised IT support experience you can have.

Any new partners can expect to receive all of the following, guaranteed:

1) Understanding your business using facts

Before we can truly support a business with the level of attentiveness we desire we must first take the time to understand how your IT currently works. The purpose of a systems audit is to inform us of the hardware you have in place, how secure it is, and how efficiently it is used.

If we spot any major issues when we carry out the audit, we will inform you upfront and make recommendations for how they can be improved. However, rest assured we are not looking for issues and if we feel there are some we will show you evidence to justify our reasoning. 

2) 24/7 Remote Support 

If you are looking for complete peace of mind our engineers are available 24/7 to support your staff. Wherever they are in the world, your staff can call in and gain access to a friendly UK-based of qualified engineers. Using state-of-the-art remote monitoring and access tools, we can connect to your computers remotely and diagnose and resolve issues over the phone. 

3) Two Personal Account Managers

Another unique side to our support contracts is that we would provide you with two account managers. your Account manager is the direct connection between you and us. They handle billing queries, and operational questions and help you to plan for the future. Your technical Account Manager is your key contract for technical issues. They keep on top of your technical issues and ensure that they are resolved hastily.

4) State-of-the-art system monitoring

We've invested heavily in our remote monitoring software. Connects Automate is one of the most advanced RMM platforms on the market that allows our engineers to see at a glance issue with your infrastructure that must be resolved. Automate allows our engineers to schedule software updates out of hours to ensure that you are never interrupted by the dreaded update screen during your working day.

5) Transparency and Accountability

We will always ensure that we are accountable to you, and can justify every decision we make and every decision we make and every change we implement. We provide regular reports that describe the work we have done for your IT environment and how beneficial that has been.

6) A long-term plan

We are not in this for the short haul. Our focus has always been (and will always be) about maintaining long-term relationships. Many of our customers have been with us for over 10 years, and we have adapted and grown a lot together in that time. We are privately owned and managed and do not have to answer to investors. This long-term outlook allows us to plan with you for the next five years or more, providing a roadmap that will help you to succeed long into the future, rather than just in the first year of working with us.

Are Any of These Current Topics on Your Mind? We Can Help!

Working with Hundreds of different businesses each year gives us a unique insight into the current trends, needs, and concerns that business owners have regarding their IT.

Below is a list of the current IT trends that our experienced support service can solve:

One of The Many Businesses We've Helped

“We were very impressed with entrustIT; they took the time to get to know our business, understand our issues and objectives, and put forward a proposal that would deliver against both our immediate and long-term objectives.”

- Daren Woolsgrove, Chief Operating Officer, Harvey Jones Kitchens

Below we have attached a case study that was created for the kitchen creation company Harvey Jones, this case study shows the full process we take to overhaul an IT service, from identifying the issues in place to strategizing a solution and then executing this plan:

Dowload the Case Study Here!

Support IT, A Safe Pair of Hands

In 2024, technology is going to become an even bigger part of business. Outsourcing your IT support will bring a host of benefits, from increased productivity and proactive maintenance to, technical expertise and cost savings on hardware and labour, as well as the ability to budget control accordingly.

Our team is headed by IT professionals with decades of experience in small as well as large companies between them. They not only understand the importance of getting results but the bottlenecks bad IT and support of it can create.

So, whether you’re a company without a dedicated IT team or a large organisation looking to get a technological edge over your competition, when you partner with entrust IT you are guaranteed a bespoke IT support experience. Feel ready to give your business IT support with a 'local feel'?  Please get in touch with a member of the team on 0330 002 0045 or email

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