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Google is tracking your location, even when you ask it not to...

This entry was posted in Security, data, hacking, vulnerabilities, Google on 08 August 2018 by Tom Dodd

Google is tracking user locations even after they have opted out; it has emerged.

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New research reveals your fax machine is dangerous!

This entry was posted in GDPR, Security, hacking, legal, legal it, fax, research on 08 August 2018 by Tom Dodd

Take a look around your office. Depending on where you work there could be all manner of potentially dangerous items lying around. The chances are though, you would never have considered the humble office fax machine to be one of them.

Unfortunately, because that view is almost universally shared. They are very rarely protected with the sort of security patches you would apply to your computers, routers and phones. This makes them a holy grail for hackers.

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GDPR drives down UK insider threat

This entry was posted in News, GDPR, Security, Cloud on 08 August 2018 by Alex Lavers

The General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR for short has been in place for two months now and data already shows a declining trend in the insider threat in European Countries.

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Cloud computing just keeps on performing

For those of you that follow the news at all, you will no doubt have heard a lot of stories about Facebook. Unfortunately for the world’s most used social network, very few of these stories could be considered positive. From fake news swaying elections, to the Cambridge Analytica scandal exposing how reckless Facebook can be with our data, there’s been little to shout about over at the social network.

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UK government wants EU to acquiesce with its data safeguards even as Brexit looms

This entry was posted in GDPR, 2018, brexit, eu, Government, May, paper, PM, Uncategorised, white on 07 July 2018 by Alex Lavers

This government white paper is aiming to convince the European Union that it is mutually beneficial to agree on the UK’s data protection proposals.

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IT Decision-Makers Increasingly Opt For Cloud-Native Architectures

A recently published survey from Cloud Foundry discovered that although the IT industry is more multi-platform than ever the foundations are cloud-native.

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UK CEOs Believe Cyber-Attacks Are Inevitable

The new survey by KPMG discovered that 40% of UK business leaders believed that they would become the target of cyber-criminals.

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GDPR and Backup: A Potential Minefield Easily Avoided

In their current format it will be impossible for backups and snapshots to comply with the right to be forgotten within GDPR, however systems can be built with compliance in mind.

The right to erasure will also apply to all backups, which in turn would make it impossible to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as searching for personal data in a backup is very impractical.

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On 3/1/2018 (last week) news broke in the media of two security vulnerabilities which will impact almost every computing device in active use today. Named “Spectre” and “Meltdown”, the vulnerabilities arise because of design flaws in CPUs from Intel, AMD, Qualcomm and ARM which have existed for decades – and they’re important because they allow access to information in memory that should be out of reach, whether that’s passwords, keys or other data.

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5 Steps to get your business GDPR ready

This entry was posted in Uncategorised on 06 June 2017 by Tom Dodd

Unsure how to best protect your business against threats. Read our GDPR White Paper for the facts >>

Download our GDPR White Paper

Like it or not, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is coming, and it will affect your business. Make sure your business is ready before the May 2018 deadline.

The EU’s GDPR is coming in May 2018 and it will affect all sorts of organisations in the UK, even despite Brexit. In our last article, we discussed the fines that face businesses that fail to comply with GDPR when it comes into force next year. Based on the size of the figures, it is so important that you ensure your business is ready to comply with GDPR. Being unaware is not an excuse.
To help you out, we at entrustIT have put together this handy guide of five important steps your business can take to get yourself ready for next May.

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